On 29th September 2017, the long awaited game, FIFA 18, will finally be released to the millions of fans around the world. Electronic Arts releases the game for PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One, Microsoft window and for the Nintendo Switch. This will be the 25th FIFA game series for the successful franchise.


FIFA 18 Gameplay

Using Frostbite 3 game engine for the second time running, FIFA 18 will continue to use the amazing gameplay technology to develop a more realistic approach to the game more than ever. “The Journey” Played by Alex Hunter was introduced to the fans to much delight and will continue as “FIFA 18: Legacy Edition,” it will have updated kits and rosters. If you completed the earlier edition of “The Journey, the story would begin at the same club you initially selected with increased traits and honors including Premier league or FA cups won previously. As for newbies or those wanting to start afresh, there will be a montage of the key plot points, and one will be able to select their desired clubs to start with.

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Alex Hunter, a young boy from London, returns and will be fully customizable through unlockables. Christiano Ronaldo is the new face of FIFA and will be used as part of “The Journey’s” Alex Hunter’s comeback story.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

FIFA franchise has been hugely successful thanks to the Ultimate Team. It was initially introduced to the game in 2009 as part of a downloadable add-on but has gone on to be a successful part of FIFA globally. For those starting on the Ultimate team, it is an online trading game where players build teams using players from around the world from the Premier league to the Chilean league. Players use coins to buy players and make the team rising from division 10 to division 1.

fifa 18 also have mobile versionFIFA Ultimate players use cards to select the kind of players they need. They range from Bronze, Silver, and Gold and are purchasable on a transfer market or through packs. One can buy coins or packs on EA Sports website to build a good team. Players are purchased through coins and thus the need to buy FIFA 18 coins once it is launched. One can also get coins from playing games with real players or the computer or by entering the FUT Champion Mode for rewards.


FIFA 18 ultimate team icons

FIFA 18 introduces Football icons formerly known as legends and will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Confirmed icons include Lev Yashin, Diego Maradona, Brazilian Ronaldo, Pele and Arsenal legend Thierry Henry and will be available in packs for a hefty price we suppose. EA sports will be making inroads in the game and want to make it an eSport.

FIFA 18 Packs

Purchasing the game early one will get you special bonuses. Three packs will be available including The Standard Edition, The Ronaldo Edition, and the Icon Edition. Value increases respectively in each of these packs. The Ultimate Team will likely be released around 36 hours earlier before the game is available on EA Access and Origin Members.

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So that’s just what about FIFA 18 and why you need buy FIFA 18 coins, take advantage of pre-ordering to get the best deals including coins that will help you compete more strongly against other players in FIFA 18.